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Posted by cynic16, Tue Nov-11-03 10:09 AM
>nutrition is all about vegetables (consume more veggies than

i have trouble with this. fruits just taste better.

>Also, in order to see changes in your body, you must look at
>your health as a triad, involving 3 components (1)diet,
>(2)cardio, and (3)weight training. Weight training is
>incredibly important, although a lot of us females shy away
>from this training it is detrimental to your body plan if
>you do not incorporate this into your fitness regiment.

exactly. i hate hearing women say, "but i don't want to look huge." impossible. the ONLY way you can get big is to take buckets of steroids. women just don't have the chemical makeup to get big like that. (hell, neither do most men) doing some 10 lb dumbell curls isn't going to make you look like a bodybuilder.

>Oh, and if you haven't already, spend the Andy Jackson on a
>Foreman Grill, best (not to mention) cheapest investment one
>can make on the personal quest to obtaining better health.

co-sign. it's one of my most important possesions.
>Also, I have completely eliminated, wheat-enriched, sugars,
>certain fats, and foods high in carbs from my diet--big
>difference in the way I feel, the way I sleep, and even the
>foods I now crave.
>Buenos suerte!
>And if you need additional assistance, do not hesitate to