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Posted by BrownMariposa, Tue Nov-11-03 09:07 AM
>cook. you'll be surprised how much the way you eat and how
>much you eat will change if you prepare your own meals.

The preceding line is 100% truth. To me, changing one's diet revolves around discipline and direction. I am currently on the Zone diet; however, I view the Zone as much more of a lifestyle change than an actual diet. Let's be frank here, the Zone is asking you to set your meals at 40percent carbs, 30percent protein, and 30percent good fats. A lot of people complain about the difficulty of being in the zone, but quite honestly, I have never felt better. Really good, solid nutrition is all about vegetables (consume more veggies than fruit), moderation, and proper fluid intake--only water please. And if you go to the club or social gathering, always chase every spirit with two glasses of water.

Also, in order to see changes in your body, you must look at your health as a triad, involving 3 components (1)diet, (2)cardio, and (3)weight training. Weight training is incredibly important, although a lot of us females shy away from this training it is detrimental to your body plan if you do not incorporate this into your fitness regiment.

I drink a gallon of water a day, cardio kickbox four times a week, and lift three times a week. Perhaps I am becoming obsessed with my health because my 23rd birthday is around the corner, and I realizing I am getting old! BUT the truth is this, you only have one body, I believe we need to work like hades to keep our mental state, physical body, and spirituality on point.

Oh, and if you haven't already, spend the Andy Jackson on a Foreman Grill, best (not to mention) cheapest investment one can make on the personal quest to obtaining better health.

Also, I have completely eliminated, wheat-enriched, sugars, certain fats, and foods high in carbs from my diet--big difference in the way I feel, the way I sleep, and even the foods I now crave.

Buenos suerte!

And if you need additional assistance, do not hesitate to PM.