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Posted by emil, Tue Nov-11-03 08:03 AM
>I was told every dude will get prostate caner in his
>lifetime (<110 years) if he lives long enough.

i find that hard to believe. i started my pre-ecologist path on the way to medical school to become an oncologist. i was a cancer-nerd. worked in a cancer lab throughout highschool doing research on lymphoma/hiv interactions.

although we all have cancerous cells gettin at the immune system 24/7, a number of factors come into play that prevent it from becoming problematic. it's widely believed that diet plays the largest role. take asians for example; the amount of green tea they drink is astonishing. many drink it more than water. we showed in typical lab experiements that the polyphenols were extremely effective against viral proteins as well as bolstering your natural defenses (b & t cells, cytokine levels etc). for this reason, prostate cancer is like 90% less prevalent in japan than in the us. now though, they are getting more respirator-related diseases related to smoking.

>And is there any scientific research that says by paying
>$3.75 for a pound of organic apples vs. $0.89 a pound for
>regular ganny smith's will extend your life or make you any

there is loads of it, and loads to discredit such findings. to ME, it's more about knowing what went on those apples and what im not putting in my body, if i can help it. honestly, organic produce isnt as expensive as conventional, at least around here...maybe 3% more. you save it potentially in future doctor bills. and i support local agriculture since im a product of it.

>What kind of water do the water these organic crops with?

water is less of an issue. of course u got your lead, etc, but that's pretty much taken care of. it's down to trace elements and minerals. im not particularly worried about water, except for chlorine and fluorine. but most is assimilated in different forms in plant tissue and isn't as harmful as sythetic pesticide residues.

>I'm just curios.
>I thought about gettin some land in Bama and doing it until
>I heard it takes like 7 years (of bad luck) before your soil
>can be "certified organic" but I could do like organic/free
>range chickens or sanethin.
>who knows.

that's epa certification. there's another faster, cheaper one i forget the name. it takes that long to allow all that shit to get down to trace levels. yes, that's how bad the residues are. no good man, not at all. but it's cheap and easy to spray, and we been doin it since the war.