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3111, it matters
Posted by emil, Tue Nov-11-03 07:41 AM
my dad is a farmer. they grew their own veggies but mostly soy and peanuts.

since the advent of petrochemicals around wwII, farmers laced crops with all kinds of nasty shit. remember they thought ddt was fine until rachel carson made a big deal about it.

these compounds have a synergistic effect over the long-term. we have NO idea what many will do when combined with all the environmental toxins we subject ourselves to day in, day out.

pops got prostate cancer last year and has since totally changed his diet to lots of healthier alternatives, organic when possible. the things they used to spray with no masks.... of course the acute toxicity is higher for folks in direct contact, but remember such substances build up in fruits/vegetables/plant matter, as well as in the soil and in fish and meat.