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Topic subjecti know man i know.
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3107, i know man i know.
Posted by deejboram, Tue Nov-11-03 08:18 AM
i used to hit the ones in DC up...
P street

Yeah those were my jawns.

Compare a Whole Foods with no beer with "Bruno's Market" and that's the disparity I have.

Let me see what Fresh Grocer doesn't sale:
Planter's Shelled Sunflower Seeds. (Any brand for that matter)
They don't sell a lot of stuff but I know this is one of the items I have to trek to souf street for on a weekly basis.
Fresh Grocers Quaker Instant oatmeal STAYS on the $4.50 a box tip.
Fresh Grocer is CONSTANTLY outta Silk.
They don't carry refried beans at all.

This spot is lacking in many places.
I mean Giant on 7th and P will kill this store.
Specially with the womens.
They used to have the Howard jawns up in there on the late night because they were 24hrs.

Oh the memories...