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Posted by deejboram, Tue Nov-11-03 02:44 AM
> i stopped
>eating most meat and became a psuedo vegetarian (I was still
>eating fish)

This is what I call being a "sledge-eh-farian"

Oh so it's weight loss you're concerned about?
Sorry but the only advice I can give is to eat lots of fruits & veggies, drink tons of water, excerise your ass off (literally) and stop eating so much.

But you know weight gain/loss/body size is gentic right?
well greater than 95% genetic.
you'd have to work really hard at breaking your DNA code and changing your body type/size.
like if everyone in your family as far as you can see and can remember had a BMI (look this up) of lets say 25-35 then you're gonna be around the same. FYI a BMI that high doesn't always mean that the person is *unhealthy) it just means they are out of the norm. Michael Jordan, WWF wrestlers and any NFL player are listed as being "obese" using the BMI scale. But we all know Terrel Davis is anything but obese!

I think some carbs is OK but absolutely NO carbs is something else.

Also, look at indigenous peoples from many lands around hte world and check out there diet. In china it's mostly rice, The Continent it varies from region to region but mostly it's grains/legumes, lots of peanuts just like south east asia, south america lots of fruits and beans, mexico beans and tortillas but loads of veggies (ensaladas), they don't have a problem with obesity. but now with american food corps strong arming hteir way into these markets you're starting to see more "overweight" people south of the border. same with the south pacific islands. they got a problem with imported turkey parts (mainly necks and asses) from the mainland USA and their obesity and diabetes rates went through the roof! they consider these parts a "delicacy" and be goring themselves on it. super high in fat.

I'm gonna let you be and let others chime in on what I've said.
But like this morning...I had to fight with myself to get out and run 1 mile in 30 degree weather. But now I feel 110% better that I did it!