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Topic subjectthat's true but 99% of the time...
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3099, that's true but 99% of the time...
Posted by deejboram, Mon Nov-10-03 01:31 PM
frozen means somethin is up.
yeah they got tons of good frozen veggie/sledgefarian foods out.
but if they dont have chemicals in them to prep them to be frozen then the the fresh stuff is more than likely better.

a lot of that frozen stuff be having high sodium counts too though.
i mean i'd eat it but i can't afford it right now.
$4 for a box of morningstar breakfast strips?
when i be going thru a box and a half every 2 days?
or them corn dogs could get finished in a day!

i be loving me some samosa with tamarind chutney!
but everybody dont prepare it right
some of it be all grease-laden and shit
it used to be a tight place in DC on like 12th and K'ish
all you can eat too.
it's right next to a church and across the street from that hostel.
but the quality was poor last time i went.

but i'd still say fresher is better (or equal to).