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Topic subjectthink about what makes u happy to eat...
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3097, think about what makes u happy to eat...
Posted by deejboram, Mon Nov-10-03 07:27 AM
and think about what the old timers ate.
that's how i do it.
try and get natural as possible.
lots of fruits and veggies.
mainly a big ass salad (just a big ass plate of spinach or red leaf lettuce with eye-talian dressing...i don't like any others)
eat whole grain foods (breads, pasta, oatmeal, raisin bran,), nuts (walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, almonds)
just cut out most processed foods and you'll be cool.
don't eat nuthin with hydro-genated oils (big time processed food ingredient. it lengthens shelf-life of food.
for some strange reason i havent eaten anything that was frozen for a while.
for some reaon i haven't eaten meat in a while and i used to eat a cheesesteak a day.
back to you.

drink lots of water and orange juice not from concentrate.
cranberry juice is good too.

just get to the basics and you'll be cool.

all these folks tryna tell you which diet is the best be some fat bastards with fat pockets.
eat what you think is healthy/makes u happy!

you think a tri-tiered chocolate cake for breakfast is healthy?
what about 3 chili dogs and a beer for lunch?

i mean u can eat that stuff just not everyday of the week.
pork chops is good.
just not everyday.
a 18 oz filet mingon from Ruth's Chris is good too.
Just about once a month though.

Read/Flip thru a lot of them books and take what you want from each of them but you should see a pattern develop throughout all of them.

Be prepared for the protein vs. non-protein camps (vegans vs. meat lovers).