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Topic subjectRE: Racism is easy to prove
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30949, RE: Racism is easy to prove
Posted by TarnishedSpoon, Mon May-16-05 01:12 PM
>Moynihan report piggy backed off of the Kerner report. LBJ
>wanted to know why these niggers are burning down these
>cities. Kerner tells him, because of WHITE RACISM Mr.
>President. In fact the racism is so bad the country is heading
>into two different societies. "Oh no, can't have that"
>So here comes Moynihan, if the problem is white racism then we
>have to look at the Black Family(1st act of racism orientation
>to the problem). How does that address white racism? In fact
>the Black family was the strongest institution in the Black
>community. It was attacked (second act of racism). He imposed
>Eurocentric values of family on the Black family that was not
>eurocentric. The third act of racism was the labeling and the
>policies that came after, i.e. the black matriarch, i.e
>headstart, although we made it so effective whites started
>saying we should do that for our kids, but the only reason it
>was implemented was because of the assumption we are
>This isn't saying anything really...the schools and
>institutions are inherently racist. If I am wrong you can
>start with the Great Western Books. The pillars of academia is
>as racist as it was in the 18th century.

Oh thats it! He's racist because he said that the failure of black families was because of a lack of fathers! He said that something was wrong with black culture so obviously he's racist!

So, since you seem to think that there are things wrong with 'white' culture, or 'european' culture, are you racist?

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