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30936, RE: Thats nice and all
Posted by BarTek, Wed May-11-05 10:55 AM
then it seems a
>bit oddball for you to feel that we should be so accepting to
>your point of views.

You do not have to accept anything. Also, as I mentioned, Black Revolution is not my only point of interest. I am interested in many movements, including women's suffrage, first nation's people's, etc. This is only an aspect of me you see here, considering this is the hot topic on these boards. When I first joined this board, I began reading and learning, then, exploring.

>You wouldn't take road travel directions in China from a
>person giving second hand info thats never visited, so why
>should we?

Any information I provide is mere insight based on revolutions that came before. Also, any information I provide is from an outsider's perspective. If you set your pride aside and read it, you may find useful information. Nothing you have to accept, but something that may aid.

>Also what drives you to speak on Black issues? and why should
>I or anyblackbody else uphold it?

I explained this in my exchange with brokenchains, just scroll up.


he stood there,
eyes locked on her,
stare irreversible.
her hands over mouth,
she laughs. he smells
her soul,
tames his thoughts,
and hides the want.
- the perfect mistake