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Topic subjectYou either like the to and fro'
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30932, You either like the to and fro'
Posted by moot_point, Wed May-11-05 08:17 PM
(hence the retrospective edit) or you don't (hence 'wasting time')..

Which is it?!

>LOL, but seriously, YES!
>Oh, and most folks keep family matters secret or to those in
>the immediate family. Also businesses usually do the same.

I'm sorry but this is another weak analogy. Who would post their immediate family matters up here? It's a public site! This is not the issue at all; unless you claim that you are part of the black 'extended' family.

>and for that last comment, LOL, you've been narrowing this
>down to a on-line chat board while I've been looking at it
>from a wider perspective (i.e.) community meetings, church
>gatherings, political social events (noDem/Repubo)...ha, no
>wonder we're bumping heads.

I was looking at it from Barthes' pov in 'Death of the Author'; but I can see that my experiment wouldn't work in the salient situations you describe.

Here's an idea. Shall we just agree to disagree and leave it at that?