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Topic subjectThis response if very disappointing
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30928, This response if very disappointing
Posted by moot_point, Tue May-17-05 11:05 AM
>No one is trying to stand in a white man's shoes, we must
>show the ability to analyze white supremacy, which can be done
>by anyone because it is a world wide system. The whites that
>are interested in us should be more so interested in
>dismantling white supremacy themselves if they want to do
>anything. Our issues in the Black community has to be resolved
>by us, and that does not need discourse with whites.

I'm sure you fully understand the turn of phrase in the context I used it, because I have explained it twice coherently and you expalin the context above.

Why don't you see the inherent contradiction in what you write?

A black man can understand the 'white' component of the dynamic (because it is a world wide system?!) but a white man cannot understand the 'black' component of the dynamic.

It simply makes no sense.