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Topic subjectThen I'll address it...
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30917, Then I'll address it...
Posted by moot_point, Sat May-14-05 05:41 AM
>Not sure what that means. I don't claim to be a leader or
>intellectual, thinker, etc, no more than I am a student. When
>so many of us see themselves as teachers and students then we
>push our cause tremendously. Whites taking interest in us are
>usually trying to be experts, controllers, and oppressors

You accept that a discussion of black issues is not mutually exclusive. You stress the importance considering the context of and attempting to understanding the white supremacy within which black issues sit.

Therefore, you must make presuppositions about 'the white' system (either through your own observations or existing literature), but do so having never worn the shoes of a white man.

However, you then assert that a white man should not comment on black issues because he has never worn the shoes of a black man...

I don't really see a difference, and tend to think that a dialogue between the two (white and black thinkers) is a far more conducive relationship for beginning to understand race dynamics.