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Posted by brokenchains79, Fri May-13-05 09:02 PM
>Yes I did type it the wrong way round!!! But your analogy plugs
> into my very belief that you can't address 'black' issues without
> looking at 'white' motivation.

Depends on what the issue is, but it is almost impossible to maneuver in a veiled fascist country without addressing how "the white man" will attempt to oppose.
But as frederick douglass stated, if the white man continues to enslave black people then he is also enslaving himself. So yeah, in just about everything the white man does he has to figure out how he will address the "Negro Question"

>This is crude because it presupposes that all blacks are
> subservients and 'whites' masters; which I'm sure you will agree
> is untrue.

If we get specific instead of lazily saying the "white man", if we talk about the institutions and families that run this world and this country, then I agree that Blacks and Whites are exploited and colonized by criminals, that are white.

>However, how can you hope to solve 'black' issues without making
> evaluations of his 'white' nemesis?

You don't, know your enemy. But it's certain things Blacks can and have to do that whites will have no control of, no matter the tactics.

>And if you choose to do this you surely take a liberty as a black
> thinker, the very liberty you seek to ban the white thinker from

Not sure what that means. I don't claim to be a leader or intellectual, thinker, etc, no more than I am a student. When so many of us see themselves as teachers and students then we push our cause tremendously. Whites taking interest in us are usually trying to be experts, controllers, and oppressors

Gina is out of control
I'm out of control
the whole--damn--party
--is--out--of control!
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