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Topic subjectI think i'd be able to differentiate to some extent
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30906, I think i'd be able to differentiate to some extent
Posted by brokenchains79, Wed May-11-05 07:04 PM
>Look, I'm not personally trying to burden you with any opinion but
> I put this to you: If there was a forum on this site including the
> views of 15 anonymous posters - some of whom black and some of
> whom white liberals - I am confident that onlookers (even the PHD
>students amongst you) would not be able to differentiate.

But the problem with being able to differentiate has been a problem that has been addressed in many text of Black writers, the need for a Black Social Theory or Intellecutal independence from the establishment. The problem is that we have gobbled up ideologies that are of not of our making that are supposed to be universal and are not suitable to our specific circumstances. The Black social theory/philosophy that has been posed by many Black thinkers will have to be reflective of African historical cultural reality. I think more and more Black thinkers have moved in this direction since the emergence of Black Studies, but I don't think people could differentiate someone just doing a typical marxist analysis.

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