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Topic subjectyour academic theory is based on what?
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30904, your academic theory is based on what?
Posted by Cre8, Wed May-11-05 06:16 PM
history? and if so, could it be that that same history shows EXACTLY what the main poster is posting about?

If you had an idea that was sure to make you a billionaire or richer...would you run it across Bill Gates? If not, what makes you think Blacks discussing and finding solutions to Black issues should welcome you into their forums?
It's like there's an understanding of secrecy or keeping things to oneself whenever the issue of race is not involved, but God forbid Black folks congregate w/ fellow Blacks to discuss Black life without some 'other' being present and "sharing" their opinion.
The only thing your presence and opinions represent is the need for whites to be incorporated into any and every black activity, a need and silent law set forth by the Nat Turner slayings. Whats so sad is that yall keep trying to convince us that we need to have you presence, opinions, academic theories in order for us to achieve...would seem like if I had good info to help somebody and they said they didn't want it I'd say 'cool, do you' but not yall, oh no, its a MUST that we listen to you o great white one.