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Topic subjectYou're restricting the meaning of 'opinion' to 'two cents worth'
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30903, You're restricting the meaning of 'opinion' to 'two cents worth'
Posted by moot_point, Wed May-11-05 10:49 AM
>its much better to work at solutions i.e. starting an
>organization for women seeking divorce & shelter from abusive
>husbands/partners, programs to assist seniors & disabled on
>fixed incomes, free jobplacement and career starter help for
>the disabled and cultural transitioning schools for
>And unlike govt. programs they shouldn't be forced or become a
>cripple the people they claim to help...but throwing out your
>opinion just makes you appear opinionated.

There is no question that the progammes/activities you mention are meritorious. However, can we completely dismiss academic theory as 'opinionated'?