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Topic subjectRE: wrong again!
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30895, RE: wrong again!
Posted by BarTek, Tue May-10-05 07:43 PM
I am white and I am concerned with both white and black people. with white, in the sense that white people are not evil, and can contribute great things. with black, as in, i want to fight against white supremacy, and find equality.

i also stated that black folks have taught me a great deal, and i had to place myself in a child's role many times in order to grasp something that i could not wrap my head around as a grown adult. many times, i have purged all my beliefs about revolution in order to find a new path. i do not treat anyone like children.

you need to stop trying to define me sucka, you will never get it.


he stood there,
eyes locked on her,
stare irreversible.
her hands over mouth,
she laughs. he smells
her soul,
tames his thoughts,
and hides the want.
- the perfect mistake