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Topic subjectThis is why this post was made
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30894, This is why this post was made
Posted by mad666, Tue May-10-05 07:20 PM

>Speaking on behalf of myself. If you look around these boards,
>I am usually the only white person that is debating with a
>group of black folks. I don't see any white people besides me.
>I am not interested in debating with a group of white folks,
>because they can't teach me anything. You have all taught me
>everything I know, and everything I use to base my opinion and
>theories on. I am a product of the mentality you have taught
>me. That is the absolute truth. The reason why it seems that I
>deviate is, because I will not accept that I was born evil,
>and because, I will not accept your definition.
You are white yet are overly concernede with black people as if we are children.