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Topic subjectThe original post would be better off supporting your post
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30890, The original post would be better off supporting your post
Posted by Cocobrotha2, Tue May-10-05 01:28 PM
The original post made it clear that "by and large, White opinions of the Black condition hold no weight. We're actual members and participants in this community, and don't need outsiders to come in and attempt to delineate our problems for us."

I've heard similar views many times. It's simply to absolute to be true so I pounced :0)

I understand what you're talking about when it comes to self-proclaimed white experts on black people. I don't have a problem with an expert on a particular issue like racism, poverty, sexuality, etc applying his expertise to the black condition.

I do have a problem with anyone claiming to be an expert on "The Black Condition" , though, bc the subject is too large for anyone to be an expert.