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Topic subjectI think you are twisting the argument...
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30888, I think you are twisting the argument...
Posted by brokenchains79, Tue May-10-05 01:00 PM
or atleast not dealing with it for which it actually exist.

In Black history you have white experts for each period, and when a Black historian disagrees with a white historian he is deviating from what real history is. Like John Henrik Clarke says, a major part of white supremacy was the colonization of information about the world.

This is not simply about normative behavior. It's about when one group from a position of power tells another group what there issue is and isn't. For example, the good liberal Kennedy administration told Blacks that Freedom rides is not the way to go, if you continue we will continue letting those southern rednecks kill and lynch you. However, the right to vote is more important, and we will support you on that(if I can have the black vote) but only the good negros.

The issue is politics, white people (take it as a generalization if you want to) are of the opinion this is their country and they are just sharing it with others people, so while they are sharing they have the right to say what is and what aint, What Black person is acceptable and what aint. This permeates from the top to the bottom so much they are not even conscious of what they are doing I.E. BarTek.

White people at this moment is debating what is the best education for Blacks, Blacks are telling whites how to be educated only for the purpose of getting them off our ass, we are not telling them fuck George Washington learn about John Brown.

This is as political as the Negro Question (White folks debating among themselves what to do with Blacks) thata been debated since the precursors of the civil war, to the present.

There is no Cracka Question. You have Blacks still trying to solve the Negro Question.

Gina is out of control
I'm out of control
the whole--damn--party
--is--out--of control!
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