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Topic subjectRE: then why not just take 'Black' out the equation?
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30884, RE: then why not just take 'Black' out the equation?
Posted by Cre8, Wed May-11-05 09:54 AM
Considering the undertable rules set against blacks (i.e. higher bank loan interest rates, low education funding & failure set-ups) it honestly does not make sense to have open discussions with those that set the rules. If anything we need to have close knit discussions with those that played by the rules and still won. Thats not to say we can't hold healthy conversations on the basics of the game with others, but to openly discuss how we plan to make 'it' work for US (BLACK FOLKS) is social suicide.
Sad to say but we are the bottom barrel, even if those on top were to give positive insight, they are NOT going to risk loosing their top spot to help our black asses along. If anything, you should question what the person offering insight stands to loose/gain and what has inspired them to contribute in the first place.

Also I have yet to hear any white person offer significant insight on bettering the black community that did not better them more, and most times that 'good' insight only left us leaning on them for more.
Do correct me if I'm wrong.