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Topic subjectRE: but isn't being 'Black' the meat of discussion
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30881, RE: but isn't being 'Black' the meat of discussion
Posted by Cocobrotha2, Tue May-10-05 01:16 PM
>>and dealing with issues concerning Blacks in general?
>If a discussion on how to better black families was made,
>wouldn't it seem more fit for the Huxtibles and Evans to
>discuss issues/find solutions compared to the Cunninghams
>given their insight on something that doesn't and never will
>have anything to do with them?

I think the last part of your scenario is false but it's an assumption that many people make. There *are white people that experience (and some surmount) bad credit, illegitimate children, problems with crime, etc.

In a discussion about those issues, they have more clout than a black or white family that's experienced none of those issues. The important factor isn't their race but their experience.

Also, people seem to believe that you have to experience the WHOLE condition in order to have any clout on some on the minor issues. The more experience the better for familiarity's sake but it's not necessary. A financial advisor can help you improve your finances without understanding "how the breakdown of the black family structure influenced your decision to have a child before you were finanicially ready".

You might feel more comfortable with an advisor that shares your views, but he's likely giving you the same advice he'd give anyone else in your financial condition, no matter the historical influences.

>Now if its a discussion on a universal topic versus a
>particular group of people, then everybodies opinion would
>hold similar weight, but I can't see me throwing my two cents
>in a discussion on how the Eskimos could better their

If you have experience in any issue that concerns them, you're 2 cents are 2 cents closer to a solution.

>And when was the last time non-whites engaged in a
>conversation on how to better white communities? Can't help
>but be suspicious about their motives.

Our communities are usually worse off so the dynamic is primarily them helping us while we help ourselves. Personally, I have no problem with who comes up with a solution as long as I feel it's contructive.