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Topic subjectbut isn't being 'Black' the meat of discussion
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30880, but isn't being 'Black' the meat of discussion
Posted by Cre8, Tue May-10-05 09:29 AM
and dealing with issues concerning Blacks in general?
If a discussion on how to better black families was made, wouldn't it seem more fit for the Huxtibles and Evans to discuss issues/find solutions compared to the Cunninghams given their insight on something that doesn't and never will have anything to do with them?

Now if its a discussion on a universal topic versus a particular group of people, then everybodies opinion would hold similar weight, but I can't see me throwing my two cents in a discussion on how the Eskimos could better their community. And when was the last time non-whites engaged in a conversation on how to better white communities? Can't help but be suspicious about their motives.