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Topic subjectRE: That's the problem, you're not on the frontline!
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30877, RE: That's the problem, you're not on the frontline!
Posted by BarTek, Wed May-11-05 12:38 AM
First off. Thank you.

>There is no way possible you can be on the frontline in the
>context I used. It would mean that you was born and you will
>die Black, your history and ancestors are Black.

I know. However, I have my own white agenda to follow, and I will die white. Have you thought about, what it is to represent a definition that I have learned here, about white people? It truly makes the white race seem evil, doesn't it? It is sickening to me. I mean, there are even spiritual explanations, biblical, etc etc. The ironic thing is that both black and white people fight to redefine a definition another race holds over them. I'm referring to; '1/5th human being' versus 'devil'. I honestly, don't know what to tell you about what white people have done. It seems to me, that white people are doing what other races are doing, but on a larger scale. There is the question of history then, and there is a longer history of white oppression. I don't know what to tell you, my instincts tell me to say that those that have built the foundation and maintain it, will pay.

This does not
>come through activity with Black people, this just makes you a
>white liberal, or in some cases white radical that sympathizes
>with the condition of Blacks.

I am not speaking about activity with black people as in friendship, I am speaking about how conflict unfolds, etc. the methodology behind revolutions. activities of peoples under those forms of oppression. You know, this form of oppression has been defeated already, on a smaller scale, but it has been done.

The key difference is, Blacks as
>a people are terrorized and subject to death for simply being
>Black, the only time you are subject to death is for helping.
>By making a choice, not doing anything special but being a
>decent human being by acknowledging the lack of humanity that
>has been perpetuated by your very own people. Black people
>have been the most humanistic, therefore if you feel the need
>to help anyone you need to begin with your fellow Europeans.

I hear you. I am trying my best to help, but I am also trying to stick around to see it. There is a movement of people who are arming themselves in a system which orchestrates opression. Many of them are my friends, and their motives, are not different to ours. Each wants to see an end to supremacy, imperialism, racism, etc. Work is being done. The beginning is already here, and we just need time to step up a ladder in a system that we can take some control of.

>Problem #1. Black Supremacy does not exist. Even if you look
>at the most brutal beating whites had by the hands of Blacks
>it was Black defending themselves against aggressors. See the
>Haitian revolution. You are using a term coined by White
>liberals, the very thing you say you are not.

Okay. I understand now why I am called a liberal. I don't know anything that liberals write or say, but how can I avoid using the same words? Often, my intended meaning is different. Also, I think this extends beyond violence, and I understand why you chose to cite violence as the example. Anything begins with thought, and I have come across black folks who are convinced of the very same things, that white supremist's are, but the enemy is obviously the opposite. Maybe that form of hate is a white disease, and should be left as such. Under a system built on those thought patterns, how can you not expect to share similarities in the extreme? However, I do agree with you, that black people in the United States are humanistic on a level that most white people cannot even comprehend.

>Black folks have treated whites better than whites have
>treated whites, you're polish ancestry? Then you should know
>the deal.

Word, and you should also know that Polish people fought against black slavery. I know I got that blood in me. I also know the suffering caused by other white people, and that is also an example of why not all white people are born the same. I am always perceptive of everything which is destructive and oppresive to others, especially because I am white. I can see that code and as I mentioned, others do too, and they are doing something about it.

>If your goal is to change the way blacks view whites then
>you're on a dead mission, because you are a white person
>telling us how we should see you.. That is riddled with

Hmm. I am working towards a variant definition, because there is one. Yes I will be white, but I won't be that type of white.

>That's another major problem I have with white liberals, the
>need to always denounce race/ethnicity. If you know anything
>about Black revolutionary history then you will know there are
>cultural component to it that makes race an issue. There is
>extensive literature. This can't even be discussed if you
>think this is some colorbline humanistic mission. You can not
>take people's culture away from them in any aspect. Don't
>retort, study.

I hear you on this point as well. However, race was also an issue in other movements as well. I don't think as potent, but it is present. I don't think its colorblind, but I also don't think its at the extreme where no other factors of revolution apply. I'll do my best to contribute what I can, and the rest can be ignored. Thanks for helping me understand that though.

>There is no African culture that I know of that is embedded
>with the eventual armageddon of the world. Your battle is with
>your people.

Sig worthy.

>Do you even know what the revolution is all about? Folks
>aren't picking up rifles for the purposes starting a
>revolution. The baattle right now is for the mind of African
>people to move in a direction to guarantee our survival in a
>world where Pan-Europeanism is real, Pan-Asianism is real, and
>Pan-Africanism must be real and operational. What you are
>trying to push falls outside of all those ideologies, if you
>want to change anyone of them, start with White Nationalism.

I understand.

>No explanation needed, The Black movement is the Black
>movement. If you love the music so much go join the hip hop

The Hip Hop movement was the gateway for me, and it's a gateway for others too.

Black people are talking about world markets based
>on African culture, you talkin something else. There are
>several Pan-African convenings every year. They not talkin
>about what you talkin about. You not in this. When it's time
>for alliances, have your group together.

Right on.

>Yall can help by getting off our ass, look at it this way. If
>Blacks raise guns to aggressive whites, RACE WAR!

This is exactly the reason why I oppose those that are convinced that white's should be wiped out, the very same reason why I pry. In my opinion, it is a race war that black folks would lose. Who holds their hand on the buttons of the big guns? and the power to use them? and the technology? Those evils have to implode. They are too powerful to be beaten off by force, and must be destroyed from within.

But if
>whites raise guns to aggressive whites, you are doing alot! Be
>content with that, but that's not as easy and alot more
>dangerous than advising Blacks.

Media is a good indication of this possibility, especially, if a large number of white's can identify with the propoganda being used at the moment.


he stood there,
eyes locked on her,
stare irreversible.
her hands over mouth,
she laughs. he smells
her soul,
tames his thoughts,
and hides the want.
- the perfect mistake