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Topic subjectThat's the problem, you're not on the frontline!
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30876, That's the problem, you're not on the frontline!
Posted by brokenchains79, Tue May-10-05 10:50 PM
There is no way possible you can be on the frontline in the context I used. It would mean that you was born and you will die Black, your history and ancestors are Black. This does not come through activity with Black people, this just makes you a white liberal, or in some cases white radical that sympathizes with the condition of Blacks. The key difference is, Blacks as a people are terrorized and subject to death for simply being Black, the only time you are subject to death is for helping. By making a choice, not doing anything special but being a decent human being by acknowledging the lack of humanity that has been perpetuated by your very own people. Black people have been the most humanistic, therefore if you feel the need to help anyone you need to begin with your fellow Europeans.

>I see what you are saying and I agree with you. I do think I am on
> the front line, but, the pole is different; I am a white male
>fighting against white supremacy/racism. and also fighting against black supremacy/racism.

Problem #1. Black Supremacy does not exist. Even if you look at the most brutal beating whites had by the hands of Blacks it was Black defending themselves against aggressors. See the Haitian revolution. You are using a term coined by White liberals, the very thing you say you are not.

>What I mean is, I am also fighting against those which believe that
> the white man is evil.

Black folks have treated whites better than whites have treated whites, you're polish ancestry? Then you should know the deal.
If your goal is to change the way blacks view whites then you're on a dead mission, because you are a white person telling us how we should see you.. That is riddled with problems

>I am not trying to tell "Black" people what to do in a revolution.
>What I am trying to do is, offer any insight I can to a
>revolutionary group of "people". The race is irrelevant here.

That's another major problem I have with white liberals, the need to always denounce race/ethnicity. If you know anything about Black revolutionary history then you will know there are cultural component to it that makes race an issue. There is extensive literature. This can't even be discussed if you think this is some colorbline humanistic mission. You can not take people's culture away from them in any aspect. Don't retort, study.

>I am chasing the methodology, and the means, to a peaceful end.

There is no African culture that I know of that is embedded with the eventual armageddon of the world. Your battle is with your people.

>Also, I have been very careful about those posts, and I never
> said, "You have to do this, or that, and that's my word.", I have
> said, "I don't see that working, because of factors X. It may be
> possible to achieve the same goal, by taking factors Y into
>account.", and once again, I base those observations on my
>understanding of revolutionary movements. I am only trying to
>challenge you, because I believe in it. I have to play devil's
>advocate (how ironic), so that when the movement does emerge, it
>will work, and no life will be lost. Maybe those are foolish and
>idealistic dreams, but I do believe it is possible.

Do you even know what the revolution is all about? Folks aren't picking up rifles for the purposes starting a revolution. The baattle right now is for the mind of African people to move in a direction to guarantee our survival in a world where Pan-Europeanism is real, Pan-Asianism is real, and Pan-Africanism must be real and operational. What you are trying to push falls outside of all those ideologies, if you want to change anyone of them, start with White Nationalism.

>someone rapes your wife, can i tell you how you should go
>about it? I might have some insight, but that is your wife and
>your situation. Know when to sit back and know where your
>input is not wanted. Wait until you are asked.

>I would never be asked, we both know that. I never intend to pry, I
>truly don't. For some reason, my mind stays focused on the black
>movement, and I can explain why.

No explanation needed, The Black movement is the Black movement. If you love the music so much go join the hip hop movement. Black people are talking about world markets based on African culture, you talkin something else. There are several Pan-African convenings every year. They not talkin about what you talkin about. You not in this. When it's time for alliances, have your group together.

Or show how
>your goals are the same and you can work together in a
>cooperative capacity, not stepping on the toes of the people
>you are trying to work with. I'm not going to argue this, it
>is what it is.

>Agreed. Well, as I mentioned. Perhaps, there needs to be some type
> of guideline for how white people can help beyond "we'll call you
> when we need it",

Yall can help by getting off our ass, look at it this way. If Blacks raise guns to aggressive whites, RACE WAR! But if whites raise guns to aggressive whites, you are doing alot! Be content with that, but that's not as easy and alot more dangerous than advising Blacks.

Gina is out of control
I'm out of control
the whole--damn--party
--is--out--of control!
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