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Topic subjectRE: I'll help you out BarTek
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30873, RE: I'll help you out BarTek
Posted by mad666, Tue May-10-05 07:19 PM

>I would never be asked, we both know that. I never intend to
>pry, I truly don't. For some reason, my mind stays focused on
>the black movement, and I can explain why. I believe that
>black people's innovation, and exploration of music, poetry,
>dance, etc. will be the vehicle for a global change. I myself
>write and record conscious Hip Hop. English is my second
>language, but I have been inspired, by black people, to fight
>against injustice, using black innovation and music. Perhaps,
>my mind stays focused, and searching for solutions, because I
>am so in love with black culture. I know I am white, but I am
>flexible with myself, I will adopt anything, from any culture
>to enhance me, and it just so happens that black culture is
>ample with many qualities which I have found to be natural and
This right here is some sick shit. You are white.