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30872, RE: I'll help you out BarTek
Posted by BarTek, Tue May-10-05 06:43 PM
>Black folks are in a particular position, whether we are
>right or wrong we are coming from a place you are not coming
>from. I.E. Black communities were being terrorized in the 70's
>(well since we been here) so a group of Black decided to arms
>themselves and fight Back. You can have your opinion but what
>does it mean to someone on the front line, nothing! If you
>want to help from your position, you look at what causes Black
>folks to arm themselves, we'll assume we agree it is white
>supremacy, from your position you attack white supremacy the
>best way you can.

I see what you are saying and I agree with you. I do think I am on the front line, but, the pole is different; I am a white male fighting against white supremacy/racism, and also fighting against black supremacy/racism. What I mean is, I am also fighting against those which believe that the white man is evil. I am trying to open a dialouge with those people, so that I can demonstrate with myself, and many others like me, that white people can be very useful in a positive way. I think my efforts, and those who share my opinions are important. We are trying to forge a peaceful bridge between ourselves and the hardest black revolutionary, so that when the movement does appear, and I believe it will. It will involve, not only black, but white people too, and not only black & white, but many others. I'll be honest with you, I think the cultural mixing that has been occuring, is preparing everyone for a movement that incorporates us all, against the evils of power corruption, greed, inequality, injustice, and racism.

From your position, do not tell Black people
>what is appropriate behavior as you have done several times in
>your "Black revolutionary post". That's where you go wrong.

Okay, I understand you. Let me clarify that. Whatever I have said about behaviour associated with revolution, stems from movements and thought exploration developed and explored by any people who are, and have been involved with revolution, no matter what the color, or the race. I am not trying to tell "Black" people what to do in a revolution. What I am trying to do is, offer any insight I can to a revolutionary group of "people". The race is irrelevant here. I am chasing the methodology, and the means, to a peaceful end. Also, I have been very careful about those posts, and I never said, "You have to do this, or that, and that's my word.", I have said, "I don't see that working, because of factors X. It may be possible to achieve the same goal, by taking factors Y into account.", and once again, I base those observations on my understanding of revolutionary movements. I am only trying to challenge you, because I believe in it. I have to play devil's advocate (how ironic), so that when the movement does emerge, it will work, and no life will be lost. Maybe those are foolish and idealistic dreams, but I do believe it is possible.

>someone rapes your wife, can i tell you how you should go
>about it? I might have some insight, but that is your wife and
>your situation. Know when to sit back and know where your
>input is not wanted. Wait until you are asked.

I would never be asked, we both know that. I never intend to pry, I truly don't. For some reason, my mind stays focused on the black movement, and I can explain why. I believe that black people's innovation, and exploration of music, poetry, dance, etc. will be the vehicle for a global change. I myself write and record conscious Hip Hop. English is my second language, but I have been inspired, by black people, to fight against injustice, using black innovation and music. Perhaps, my mind stays focused, and searching for solutions, because I am so in love with black culture. I know I am white, but I am flexible with myself, I will adopt anything, from any culture to enhance me, and it just so happens that black culture is ample with many qualities which I have found to be natural and positive.

Or show how
>your goals are the same and you can work together in a
>cooperative capacity, not stepping on the toes of the people
>you are trying to work with. I'm not going to argue this, it
>is what it is.

Agreed. Well, as I mentioned. Perhaps, there needs to be some type of guideline for how white people can help beyond "we'll call you when we need it", because I honestly think you need all the help that is being offered, and that is not to say that you are in any way less capable, however, I am able to be white, and I am able to look at things through a white, or even a white supremacist racist type of way. I know how those minds work, I've met plenty, and whatever I learn or observe, I gauge against several perspectives to find a thread amongst them all to focus on and follow. I am able to view the world differently to you, and you can view it differently to me, but, I do think that if we share the information, we can find a solution. I can write a post at what I really think the white supremacist think of black people, and it's pretty disturbing stuff, much of which I am sure you are aware of. I am trying to fight those things. I am also trying to offer insight, and only that, just insight. Sometimes an outsiders perspective can be very useful, as I am not black, and thus I do not feel the pain that you must feel. I don't think rational choices are made when they are mixed with highly emotional movements. Peace is the objective, without fighting. I don't know if you think that is possible or not, I do.

Thank you for responding. I hope I didn't offend you, because I'd love to read your response to what I wrote. If I am once again mistaken in your eyes, show me where and I will retrace my thought patterns if need be. Peace

he stood there,
eyes locked on her,
stare irreversible.
her hands over mouth,
she laughs. he smells
her soul,
tames his thoughts,
and hides the want.
- the perfect mistake