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Topic subjectI'll help you out BarTek
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30871, I'll help you out BarTek
Posted by brokenchains79, Tue May-10-05 01:16 PM
Black folks are in a particular position, whether we are right or wrong we are coming from a place you are not coming from. I.E. Black communities were being terrorized in the 70's (well since we been here) so a group of Black decided to arms themselves and fight Back. You can have your opinion but what does it mean to someone on the front line, nothing! If you want to help from your position, you look at what causes Black folks to arm themselves, we'll assume we agree it is white supremacy, from your position you attack white supremacy the best way you can. From your position, do not tell Black people what is appropriate behavior as you have done several times in your "Black revolutionary post". That's where you go wrong. If someone rapes your wife, can i tell you how you should go about it? I might have some insight, but that is your wife and your situation. Know when to sit back and know where your input is not wanted. Wait until you are asked. Or show how your goals are the same and you can work together in a cooperative capacity, not stepping on the toes of the people you are trying to work with. I'm not going to argue this, it is what it is.

Gina is out of control
I'm out of control
the whole--damn--party
--is--out--of control!
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