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30860, What Donald Mercado wrote
Posted by Nettrice, Mon May-09-05 08:03 PM
"The difficulty of imagining one's own end forces many white liberal educators who want to invoke the end of oppression to embrace a progressive methodology but not the leading ideas that may make their own end a concrete reality. For this reason, many white educators who deal with "at risk" populations willfully adopt a benevolent methodology but often refuse to engage the theories that inform it."

He goes on the write about "colonists" (or the descendents of colonists) and liberal educators who "shield themselves from self-critical reflection that could interrogate, among other things, how the maintenance of their privilege invariably makes them complicit with the dominant ideology" that maintains the status quo.

I once had the opportunity to discuss a similar topic with the dean of the art history department at my alma mater. Black history existed in the margins of the "canon" or principles generally established as valid and fundamental in the history curriculum. One-on-one he was willing to admit that this was wrong but that, in his position, he felt compelled to support the "fundamentals" that did not include a equal focus on Black history and culture....this means the experts really aren't experts and the teachers really aren't teachers.

>And that's why, by and large, White opinions of the Black
>condition hold no weight. We're actual members and
>participants in this community, and don't need outsiders to
>come in and attempt to delineate our problems for us.
>Especially when they act like their perceptions are novel,
>true, or somehow worth hearing moreso than what we can
>determine ourselves about our condition.

"In essence, educators who refuse to transform the ugliness of human misery, social injustices, and inequalities, invariably become educators for domestication who, as Sartre so poignantly suggested, 'will change nothing and will serve no one...'