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Topic subjectRE: Typical ignoramous liberal!
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30851, RE: Typical ignoramous liberal!
Posted by BarTek, Mon May-09-05 09:36 PM

>You white people need to get off your high horse.

What high horse? I am trying to build a bridge!

Black people don't
>care about white people using club drugs and other devient

Yes, but black folk care about job discrimination, etc. etc. White's are involved, are they not?!

YT is vital to nothing.

Wrong again kuffi sponsor!

I am sick white liberals

I am sick of ignoramous liberals calling me a liberal! I'm not a liberal! I don't even know what the heck a liberal is!

>thinking because they are liberal they can say anything they
>want about black people without any retribution.

Anything I have said is to the benefit of both you and me. I said "concerned citizen collaboration". I am not saying that you need white people, and that white people are your saving grace, but you will, indeed, have to accept some cooperation from white people who are concerned and willing to help! The only retribution I want to take is on racism, inequality, etc etc. You're not my enemy, but I am yours, and that is cause you are:

> racist & stupid.


he stood there,
eyes locked on her,
stare irreversible.
her hands over mouth,
she laughs. he smells
her soul,
tames his thoughts,
and hides the want.
- the perfect mistake