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Topic subjectRE: Typical ignoramous liberal!
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30849, RE: Typical ignoramous liberal!
Posted by BarTek, Mon May-09-05 08:41 PM

>White people have nothing to offer black people.

I disagree.

White people
>are the cause of many prob;lems.

As are, many other people, from many other races, including black.

The fact that you would
>insinuate that white hold wait when it comes to black issues
>is inherently racist.

You cannot read. I said that white opinion holds weight, as it allows people involved with the Black movement to gauge the impression or progress. Do you actually think a Black movement can occur without major involvement and contribution by white people? You are dreaming. Do you plan to stack arms and take everything by storm?
Good luck.
However, if there was collaboration between concerned citizens, power could be awarded to those who would distribute it equally. White people are vital for this step alone.

The way you equate that with racism, is hilarious to me. You must think everything is racist. You need the kuffi slapped off your head.

No white man's information will help the
>black condition.

Well, No white man's information can help your condition, but, so what?


he stood there,
eyes locked on her,
stare irreversible.
her hands over mouth,
she laughs. he smells
her soul,
tames his thoughts,
and hides the want.
- the perfect mistake