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30847, RE: This post is an oxymoron,
Posted by BarTek, Mon May-09-05 07:39 PM
>White people commenting on the Black condition.
>Where do they think their authority to comment on these things
>comes from? Often, they deem themselves careful observers of
>the community, and would aver that their critical thinking
>skills are enough, coupled with that, to make their opinions

A rather interesting approach, and I agree with you. However, 'authority' is irrelevant. Personally, I never consider authority, or any associated aspect of it, when I make any statement, about any race or condition. I think what you have is, a group of concerned citizens who are willing to look beyond the bubble of their own sociological and cultural existence. A quick look into the Black condition will generate very ignorant conclusions, however, all well intentioned. If a helping hand is offered, it's just that, a helping hand, perhaps, white people who are interested, need some guidance as to how to help? *Waiting for someone to qoute Malcolm.*

>That has a grain of truth, but it is very limited for a simple
>reason. In a society dominated by whites, whites who assume
>that their notions of existence are normative, they find it
>difficult to recognize that their opinions shouldn't hold more
>weight. Being white, they feel as though their opinions should
>be the starting point for any conversation about any topic.

This is complete and utter bullshit. I don't think being white has anything to do with opinion and weight. I am white, and I have never in my life, thought that my opinion holds weight above anyone else based on race. I can't imagine how you, as a black individual, can make a sweeping statement about an entire race of white people, when you yourself, are frustrated with the opposite pole of that plane. The oxymoron is here. How can a black man, formulate an opinion about the white race, whom believing his opinion is TRUE, and in turn, then have a problem with white people, formulating opinions about the black race? We are on the same earth, and whether you accept it or not, the Black condition will inspire opinion. We are free thinking beings, and many of us are concerned too. You cannot expect these individuals to just stop thinking do you? I am sure you have many opinions about White people, as you have demonstrated with this post. I am also 110% sure, that many of them are fallacious. I believe so, because you are a black man, and therefore, you will never understand the mind or heart of a white person with clarity and objective truth. In turn, a white person will not understand you. However, I do believe that this only occurs when we lower ourselves to classification and race. If we were to approach eachother with a human perspective, we would find much more similarity than difference.

>This hampers any discussion they can try to have about the
>Black condition because they won't release their sense of
>authority on the issues merely by dint of being white.

From my perspective, it would be difficult for me to have a discussion with you, because, you are certain that by me being white, I thus, enter the discussion with an authority complex. When I disagree with black folk, it's not because I believe I have authority to. I disagree when I see a logical fallacy, otherwise, I accept and move on.

>And that's why, by and large, White opinions of the Black
>condition hold no weight. We're actual members and
>participants in this community, and don't need outsiders to
>come in and attempt to delineate our problems for us.
>Especially when they act like their perceptions are novel,
>true, or somehow worth hearing moreso than what we can
>determine ourselves about our condition.

Why are some people interested in First Nation's Movements? Why are others interested in child labour? Whether you want to accept it or not, everyone needs help, and everyone needs an outsider's opinion. The White condition needs help, and so does the Black condition. If you are offered an outsider's analysis, you can use it to your advantage, by noting the impression the Black Condition creates in others. Whether or not it may be true, impression's are important in understanding cultural differences. White opinions hold much more weight than you think. If you want to gauge the progress of a movement, or the Black Condition, read a white opinion, and even though you may disagree with it, it will at least equip you with some information and knowledge that you can use to the advantage of the Black Condition.

Finally, are you not, at this moment, taking an authoratative standpoint by claiming that white folks suffer from an authority complex? Think about that one.


he stood there,
eyes locked on her,
stare irreversible.
her hands over mouth,
she laughs. he smells
her soul,
tames his thoughts,
and hides the want.
- the perfect mistake