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Topic subjectCosign 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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30845, Cosign 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Posted by Bdiddy04, Mon Apr-25-05 06:18 PM
>White people commenting on the Black condition.
>Where do they think their authority to comment on these things
>comes from? Often, they deem themselves careful observers of
>the community, and would aver that their critical thinking
>skills are enough, coupled with that, to make their opinions
>That has a grain of truth, but it is very limited for a simple
>reason. In a society dominated by whites, whites who assume
>that their notions of existence are normative, they find it
>difficult to recognize that their opinions shouldn't hold more
>weight. Being white, they feel as though their opinions should
>be the starting point for any conversation about any topic.
>This hampers any discussion they can try to have about the
>Black condition because they won't release their sense of
>authority on the issues merely by dint of being white.
>And that's why, by and large, White opinions of the Black
>condition hold no weight. We're actual members and
>participants in this community, and don't need outsiders to
>come in and attempt to delineate our problems for us.
>Especially when they act like their perceptions are novel,
>true, or somehow worth hearing moreso than what we can
>determine ourselves about our condition.
White people just feel the need to be everyone's protector. White people never know how to mind their own business.