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Topic subjectOh-PLEASE...there are still Grown Adults that think this way..?
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30840, Oh-PLEASE...there are still Grown Adults that think this way..?
Posted by pwrbassxATokplaya, Thu Apr-21-05 04:33 PM
Who,in their right mind would judge the Intellectual Content of and individual based on some sillyness about skin color,,???

I hope chillsmooth isn't trying do this .

Where are you going with this?

Aren't there more important thing to discuss than the superficialities of skin color?

Maybe there ARE some dumb white people who assume authority based on their race.

Hopefully you are not trying to use the example of DumbYT's as an EXCUSE to disregard otherwise VALID opinions of credible/intelligent whites who's conscienciousness is not diluted with the sillyness of petty racism.

Assuming we are dealing with things with Respect and in an Intelligent manner--All things being Equal--WHAT DOES skin color have ANYTHING to do with how Grown Adults interact..?