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Topic subjectRacist discourse and paternalism.
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30834, Racist discourse and paternalism.
Posted by chillsm00th, Sat May-14-05 06:51 AM
White people commenting on the Black condition.

Where do they think their authority to comment on these things comes from? Often, they deem themselves careful observers of the community, and would aver that their critical thinking skills are enough, coupled with that, to make their opinions relevant.

That has a grain of truth, but it is very limited for a simple reason. In a society dominated by whites, whites who assume that their notions of existence are normative, they find it difficult to recognize that their opinions shouldn't hold more weight. Being white, they feel as though their opinions should be the starting point for any conversation about any topic.

This hampers any discussion they can try to have about the Black condition because they won't release their sense of authority on the issues merely by dint of being white.

And that's why, by and large, White opinions of the Black condition hold no weight. We're actual members and participants in this community, and don't need outsiders to come in and attempt to delineate our problems for us. Especially when they act like their perceptions are novel, true, or somehow worth hearing moreso than what we can determine ourselves about our condition.