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Topic subjectRE: I'm 20, Black and I know about Assata
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30561, RE: I'm 20, Black and I know about Assata
Posted by NYC upt JUX, Fri May-06-05 01:46 AM
im not in school and i do smoke weed, but no slam, and i read the book a few years ago. but i knew who she was since i was a teen, im 26 now, i saw her on 60 minutes(?) in the 90's. plus the common song.

but not enough of us know about her. and not just her, most black people, no matter what age dont know the importance of garvey. or the vision of elijah, the stregnth of robert williams, or even the murder of fred hampton. i observe the sleep walkin negroes and latinos everyday. and the thing about is they dont care.

"what, u trying to kick knowledge?"- an asshole of an mc said in a song