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Topic subjectRE: I read about her when I was a freshman
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30545, RE: I read about her when I was a freshman
Posted by ritadyan, Tue May-03-05 10:22 AM
>We read her book in college. It was passed along from person
>to person. Considering she escaped and kept her ideas it's no
>wonder they did not up the bounty sooner. Folks need to
>understand that there is a war here and abroad. It did not
>just go away with Civil Rights and Vietnam. It is a war of
>ideals and ideas, a war of rights. Assata represented a break
>from capitalism and her being alive and communicating with
>folks here, stateside, is definately viewed as a threat to the
>status quo. Placing a bounty on her head will have unintended
>effects, as well.

The first time I passed her book was shortly after the death of Tupac. Like most people, I thought this was his mothers autobiography. I read this book at the right time in my life, my enlightenment. How many of us are still in the dark? How many of us will continue to allow our colored brothers and sisters to remain in the dark?

Will we have to slip this light under Oprah's doorstep for her story/plight to be told to the masses?