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30532, RE: Note the disclaimer...
Posted by suave_bro, Wed May-04-05 09:31 AM
>Here's some questions- what do you think is an effective means
>for transmitting information to our community?
>What's an
>effective way for keeping things of historical significance
>"relevent" to black folks?

- with ignorance. look @ what MTV does, they show BULLSHIT all day but they have commercials/programs on there that educate their dumbass bubble gum viewers. BET is gonna have to do that. start out a little 45 second spot with jiggling asses and 50 cent, then have a voiceover come on and talk about nat turner. keep the music going underneath the narrator while showing snips of nat turner, at the end of the piece go back to 50 and the shaking asses. as stupid and silly as that sounds, THAT is the only way we are going to educate our people.

>There is a school of thought which thinks... well, black folks
>ain't carin. But why should they? What relevence does Assata
>or the NAACP have to anyone's lives nowadays. (i dont think
>like this so dont try it)

- actually if you get to the bare root of it: the only shakur that is relevant is 2pac and the NAACP doesn't do SHIT. maybe local branches of the NAACP are but nationally? nada.