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Topic subjectCanada has become subordinate to the USA.
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30515, Canada has become subordinate to the USA.
Posted by The SpeedyExpress, Sun May-08-05 05:05 PM
We USED to be on a reasonably independent ideologic/economic path from the States--up until Trudeau departed from the scene to be replaced by the dirtbag-Brian Mulroney-see Stevie Camerons books "the Last Amigo"(MacfarlaneWalter&Ross2001) and "On the Take"(MW&R1994)(can be ordered OnLine @Abebooks) for details....Mulroney made the present GomeryCommission/Sponsorship debacle look like the weak smear campaign /regime change trick that it is.

The "failures" of our 3 party system are BECAUSE of our political leaders aquiescence to USA economic/political influence in the FIRST PLACE..and UNLIKELY scenario in the REVERSE,but...i digress

OUR "3rd party " has been historically ,EITHER the NDP(Socialist)OR the BlocQuebecios.... or,more recently,the Right Wing-first as the Conservatives--THEN the Progressive Conservatives--THEN came the Reform Party--after the PC's were discredited by Mulroney...then the UNIFICATION of PC's and Reformers under the banner of the "Alliance" Party.

The Bloc Quebecios have always beeen major players in the possible dissolution of the Canada....as are the Reform/Alliance since they advocate a diminished sovereignty via a blind pursuit of toxic international trade agreements and a rescinding of Social Welfare INSIDE Canada.

What I'm am trying to say...and it would take a small ESSAY to make my point....is that the "3 party system" in Canada has always beeen-to some degree- an instrument of US leverage in Canadian INTERNAL affairs (as it is in other countries such as Zimbabwe/Ukraine/Haiti) and therefore an unlikely scenario in the minds of US economic/political leaders irregardless of its hypothetical benefits.

BOTH "3 party"s in Canada(The Alliance OR Bloc Quebecios) represent the "devided we FALL" end of the equation.

Your US Polititians are -UNDOUBTEDLY-keeenly aware of these dynamics and this is why I say the question of a 3party system in the USA is a RedHerring and an inconsequential argument...

I realize my argument is not properly argued--I am trying to think of ANY political entity WITHIN the USA that has even ENTERTAINED the notion--but in the end,i simply believe it is an inconsequential RedHerring.

"So soon we'll find out who IS-the REAL Revolutionary.Cause I don't want my people to be tricked ..by mercenaries." Bob Marley from the song Zimbabwe