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30514, Go ahead
Posted by Cocobrotha2, Sun May-08-05 03:51 PM
I obviously have free time when I post on here.

Plus I haven't made a stance so I have nothing to prove nor any reason to play the "narrow the scope until I win" game. Also, I think the bigger point of the original post was about learning the dynamics of a multi-party system. Whether it "works" or not is subject to opinion, which you've exhaustively proven.

So please, continue.

Oh yeah, I think you overestimate the harmony between America business and the Chinese govt (since the government still largely controls chinese business). If China were truly conscerned about our business prospects, they'd more quickly loosen govt regulations on foreign industries, they'd stamp out the rampant pirating of many lucrative American patents and trademarks, and they'd remove their currency peg.

But the Chinese are largely self-concerned (as they should). They're looking to grow their economy and utilizing American business is just a means to an end. Removing their currency peg would help America but likely send them into a deflationary spiral. Also, cracking down on piracy would hurt a significant part of their industry that's gaining ground on the world by mimicry.

So despite the expressed will to cooperate, there really isn't that much synergy. We're using each other but I wouldn't call it collaboration nor common goals. They're looking to grow from an agrarian-communist ecnomoy into a modern capitalist one. We're just looking to maintain our economy, and maybe grow a little more, bc China is one of the last great un-sold to populations. They're letting us in only to learn how to do it themselves.