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Topic subjectExplaining the failures of a 3party system.
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30513, Explaining the failures of a 3party system.
Posted by The SpeedyExpress, Sun May-08-05 03:41 PM
I could explain-BUT-I'd have to go a little "off topic".....and I know how you OPlayers covet those VERY narrow margins of debate...when its CONVENIENT..

Let me know if its ok by you 4me to go a LITTLE "off topic"....k?

THEN maybe you can explain exactly WHAT DIFFERENCE a change of electorial systems would make if the Economic System and its CorporateMedia Propaganda Machine is left INTACT....in the VERY remote likelyhood that it would EVER be changed in the FIRST PLACE...

Communist China has become VERY FRIENDLY with the US Corporate Community.
How do such vastly different Political/Economic Systems work with such harmony..?

They have common Economic goals...irregardless of who/how the leadership in the respective governments operates or how "distribution of power" is determined.

oh-but.....damn...I'm TOTALLY OFF topic .....again....shucks.....

"So soon we'll find out who IS-the REAL Revolutionary.Cause I don't want my people to be tricked ..by mercenaries." Bob Marley from the song Zimbabwe