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Topic subjectfuckin 'ell. ok, i'll try and sift some sense outta this, then ignore ya
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30508, fuckin 'ell. ok, i'll try and sift some sense outta this, then ignore ya
Posted by tohunga, Sat May-07-05 02:22 PM
>Seems like you have a problem with books...?

you keep going on about this in heaps of posts. i've read loads, i've got a degree, i own hundreds of books, i got 6 books out from the library right now, i worked in a bookshop earlier this year, and i'm writing a novel at the moment.

assumptions, mate. they're a bitch.

blah blah blah
"I'm going WaaaY off topic ,here."
.. no shit.

>Oh-I GET IT...they have ONE more party--so THEREFORE...uuhmm
>3 is ONE MORE than 2 ????

yeaaah... what?
i never said the UK is a 'successful precedent'. i'm saying that the UK uses FPP, same as you guys in North America, which is an inferior electoral model.
i can't be fucked explaining this to you yet again.

>Why don't you do the Mature Thing--like all these other silly
>OkPlayers---and IGNORE me?

uh? why do you have such a low opinion of yourself? are you frustrated that you can't engage in a discussion without becoming angry?

>Incidentally...what part of London do you live in?

Ooh. this bit made sense.
I live in Hackney. E5.

But i don't know what the fuck that should have to do with anything.