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Topic subjectSTILL wondering WHO I'm talking to,Tohunga?
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30507, STILL wondering WHO I'm talking to,Tohunga?
Posted by The SpeedyExpress, Sat May-07-05 12:41 PM
Seems like you have a problem with books...?

"look, go start your own incoherent thread about the benefits....
... reading books"

" your total argument can be summed up in one line- "i believe you
get the same type of government regardless of the political
system used to select, elect and form said government" in the instance of Canada,USA and U.K...?.....Yup,thanks...

"...and this statement is wrong anyway." Really? how so?

Canada,UK,USA? Which one is NOT like the other?

Maybe Canada...since we refused to kiss Bush's ass and participate in the ILLEGAL invasion/occupation of IRAQ.

Oh-BUT-I'm going WaaaY off topic ,here.

The premise of this forum is the "successful precedent" ...chortle...of the U.K.'s "3 party system".

I'm STILL wondering-as are MILLIONs and MILLIONs of European Activists--how the U.K.--birth place of European Trickle Down Bullshit under Thatcher--is a "successful precedent".

Is it because of the number 3,perhaps.....hhhhmm?

Oh-I GET IT...they have ONE more party--so THEREFORE...uuhmm 3 is ONE MORE than 2 ????


"the basic fact is that, in a truly multi-party system (NOT
Canada, I have to reiterate- you guys use the two-party...."

Yada yada yada....

Why are you responding AT ALL to a "frustrated sea sponge"..?
These continued responses have a nullifying effect on your credibilty.

Why don't you do the Mature Thing--like all these other silly OkPlayers---and IGNORE me?

I'm sure there are other forums(maybe even "private" ones) for you to partake in some heated back patting and self-congratulatory imbibery.

Incidentally...what part of London do you live in?