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Topic subjectwhat are you babbling about now?
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30506, what are you babbling about now?
Posted by tohunga, Sat May-07-05 04:43 AM
i don't even know why i'm bothering with this. you've got the discussion skills of a frustrated sea sponge.

look, go start your own incoherent thread about the benefits of privatization, or why Iraq was a good idea, or reading books, or whatever it is you're trying to piece together here.

you're not contributing anything to this discussion. your total argument can be summed up in one line- "i believe you get the same type of government regardless of the political system used to select, elect and form said government"..... and this statement is wrong anyway.

the basic fact is that, in a truly multi-party system (NOT Canada, I have to reiterate- you guys use the two-party American-style model, as does the UK) you have parties from all points of the political spectrum, who have a proportional representation in the government. they can therefore wield this influence to broker deals with the major parties, and refuse to cooporate on a number of issues.

but really, i've said all thiis