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Topic subjectMust not READ TOO GOOD,hey T?
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30505, Must not READ TOO GOOD,hey T?
Posted by The SpeedyExpress, Fri May-06-05 09:38 PM
I KNOW the difference between oranges and lemons,child.

BOTH SLIGHTLY DIFFERENCE systems end up with the SAME Domestic and Foreign Policy RESULTS.

All these countries are G8 Members/ALL the Leaders (even in the 3rd parties) of these countries are DESPARATE to convince us all that PRIVITIZING the VERY air we breath is the only RATIONAL thing to do and other related NONSENSE....

I am simply pointing out the OBVIOUS similarities between these systems and you are trying to get me to care about the IRRELAVENT differences...

But don't let me interrupt your Glow Basking....carry on with your deep and meaningless "listening and building" of something....