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Topic subjectwell, this statement is flat-out wrong
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30501, well, this statement is flat-out wrong
Posted by tohunga, Fri May-06-05 09:08 PM
"the structure and design of a given Political System is UTTERLY
>irrelavent to its END RESULTs."

but since you've never lived in a country with a multi-party system, I don't expect you'd know that

research what First Past the Post means

and find out what Canada's govt is

_ooops_ one and the same, you pretentious asshole

having lived under a truly multi-party system, and then after having lived for 3 years here in the UK, which (like Canada) tries to be a multi-party sytem but fails- i can truly say that the MMP electoral system works better.

now you can either respond with more huffy and aggressive, quasi-personal attacks, or you can sit the fuck down in the back of the class and let the sensible people have a sensible discussion. your call.