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Topic subjectIf your retort wasn't so PREDICTABLE..
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30500, If your retort wasn't so PREDICTABLE..
Posted by The SpeedyExpress, Fri May-06-05 08:54 PM
I might take you by the hand and REALLY walk you through this one.
The sad truth is that the cliche "if you don't know your an idiot" is utterly appropriate.

YUP-yup YES YES...phuk yeah....
We have VERY SIMILAR pre-election rhetoric/dynamics.

The only difference between Canada/UK and the USA is that the electorate in the FORMER is better educated and well read than the latter as YOU and the others have demonstrated by OPENLY acknowledging that you HAVE NOT investigated the Political Milieu of these 3party countries....a standardized norm amongst Americans,I suppose.

If you HAD BOTHERED to CHECK-you wouldn't even WASTE THE ENERGY debating this lame topic.

Hopefully you are OLD ENOUGH to know BETTER BY NOW--that the structure and design of a given Political System is UTTERLY irrelavent to its END RESULTs.

If you want to consoling yourself with some lame FLIPPING of SCRIPT -trying to paint ME as the pretentious one...be my guest.....play on player