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Topic subjectahh, the cop out
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30499, ahh, the cop out
Posted by Cocobrotha2, Fri May-06-05 08:22 PM
"If you don't know, you're an idiot" is never a good argument when people are ASKING you for your views. Way to raise the bar!

All you've said is "We both elected similar politicians, so there's obviously no difference in our political systems". Which isn't true bc the electorates aren't identical and neither are the parties or the issues.

Did your "opposition parties" run similar campaingns to the Democrats over here? Did they spend most of their time defending their credibility rather than attacking the credibility of the incumbent? How are your debates held? What role does the 3rd party really play? Do they influence local elections?

The only pretentious person in this thread is you for thinking that us genuinely asking if there are differences between our systems is somehow an idiotic question. We're familiar with our system, either offer some analysis or point us in the direction of someone who is knowledgeable.