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Topic subjectIf I have to explain this--then you guys are phuked.PERIOD.
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30498, If I have to explain this--then you guys are phuked.PERIOD.
Posted by The SpeedyExpress, Fri May-06-05 08:03 PM

Go do a Google search if you HAVE to--check the Campaign Platforms and slogans of the "opposition" underdogs.

They are saying EXACTLY what I am saying -OR RATHER -I am merely relaying...you haven't CHECKED THIS ?????

THe underdogs had HUGE BILLBOARDs that read, "Tony LIED about IRAQ--why wouldn't he LIE about his FUTURE as British PM?"

WHY BOTHER with the PRETENCE of discussing the pros/cons of a "3party system" if you have not even bothered to CHECK the Political milieu INSIDE the U.K. or Canada...wtf !!??...are you guys this retarded?

Are you all just drifting off into flakeJOBville?...and you wonder why you come off seeming sooo PRETENTIOUS..???


knock-knock...anybody home?